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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 – Review

Spoiler alert. Do not read if you have not watched Episode 4 yet. Actually, don’t read if you haven’t watched the series. Too many big things happened.

Might, I just say. It was absolutely amazing!

Damn it, Benioff and Weiss! Although, this season clearly deviates from the Book Series (well duh, Season 6 is far off from what happens in A Dance of Dragons!) but anyway, let’s talk about the major points in this episode.

Note: This is my first time doing a review so I might not be that helpful.

Okay, that Jon and Sansa reunion. Knock Knock on Castle Black gates, in comes Brienne, Pod and Sansa Stark. We’ve all been holding our breaths for a Stark reunion, I mean literally, any Stark reunion because the Starks are so awesome (Especially, Tony! *off topic*) That long hug clearly does not portray a blooming romance (Sorry, Jon and Sansa shippers) but a hug of relief at being – for once after a long time – safe and in the arms of someone who is a part of home.

Jon and Sansa never really got along when they were in Winterfell but it was instilled in them that they were family. And, that was a powerful thing in this episode. They might be broken up and countries apart but they found each other and that’s what matters.
Although, I’m a little disappointed in Sansa’s commentary on Wilding loyalty. I thought she grew up last season and then – BAM! – she comes back as a naive little girl again – even Robb realized that this was more than the Stark family lives but everyone else’s. But, who can blame her? We all want that bastard Ramsay dead. She spent emotional and occasionally physical torture in King’s Landing and the Ramsay shit. Anyway, I am also very excited that Jon can freely travel now, with his Oath becoming void and where he and Sansa will go – assuming that they ever get a chance to go.

Moving on! Littlefinger is back in the game! Well played, Baelish, using the fondness of a sickly young boy to actualize your ambitions. Ugh. Social Climber. -_-

The thing about this  slimy man is, he doesn’t care about shit but himself. It would be interesting to see him play his pawns again and who will he rally behind with? That’s food for thought.

Tyrion is in hot water with the people of Meereen, with our favorite Khaleesi off in Vaes Dothrak, he assumes command and has made an enemy with former slaves. I personally admire Tyrion for his wits, and find his decision rational and reasonable. And that is exactly what Missandei and Grey Worm can’t see.

Slavery is embedded in the continent of Essos and removing that completely all in one stroke is hard. For Grey Worm, he just wants to kill everyone opposing the Queen but you can’t just use military shit every damn time, that would just cause more rebellions and no one would really be safe. A shot of diplomacy is the right taste for the Masters to see reason (which Tyrion did nicely, and yes the booty 😀 ) and unfortunately, I have no control over Missandei, Grey Worm and David Benioff and Dan Weiss. So, yeah, let them play it off.

Jorah and Daario enter Vaes Dothrak and find Daenerys… and if you’ve watched the episode you’ll know. They don’t interest me that much. Couple of lovesick idiots. Meh.

Going to King’s Landing, Cersie and Olenna strike an alliance to end the reign of the High Sparrow’s fanaticism. The plan is  to rally Tyrell troops and stand down until the time is right – I think –  and kill the High Sparrow before Margaery takes her walk of atonement. Olenna, protective of her kin, backs up Cersei and Jaime when Kevan Lannister was skeptical about what King Tommen would think. In the end, the two mothers got what they wanted, so it’s safe to assume that we’ll be seeing another dead bird.

It’s brother and sister love this episode! I’ve already mentioned Jon and Sansa (Yes, I’m biased to the Starks – sorry) let’s talk about Margaery and Loras. We all know they’re super close, with Margaery even entering Loras’s room while he’s in bed with another man.

In that scene where Margaery was allowed to see her brother, he breaks down and just wants the torture  to stop. And, Margaery being the perfect little witch-ling of Olenna doesn’t want his brother to do anything like that. This builds her character more, and I think pronounces her strong-will and – we can assume – her lies in being kind to the poor, etc. Although, you can never be sure in Game of Thrones. The characters aren’t black and white as shown in usual fantasy series, we’re dealing with all grays here.

We then find ourselves with Theon and Yara’s (Asha – in the books) interaction. This was a powerful scene. Yara, distraught about her father’s demise and how the Iron Born don’t make Kings and Lords from heirs (or maybe they’re just sexist like everyone else on the show and don’t want to take orders from a person with a cunt; they choose their leaders based on their strength), sees Theon and just rips at him. She loves her brother even after everything. Though she feels disgusted that Theon came back and assumed that he wanted the Iron Throne for himself, the story turns us around when Theon said that her sister deserved the Throne. Thus, another contingent in the game of thrones. I can hear the opening anthem!

[GAME OF THRONES is such a family oriented show! ]

Taking a peep at Winterfell, we all know that Rickon is home with a violent host. Ramsay, being as he is, kills Osha – I think just for kicks – well of course, to prevent another Stark from slipping through his fingers. So bleak a future for you Rickon.

And finally! Daenerys Targaryen with the most badass shit she’s ever pulled yet! Entering into the Dosh Khaleen Temple with all the Khals in Vaes Dothrak, they – The Khals – confer of what to do with Khal Drogo’s widow. Dany gave a whole goddamn speech about how she was basically better than every one of them and then burned them alive using the metal thingy’s where they put fire – I forgot what it’s called. And, so, repeating what happened in Season 1, emerging from a great fire unscathed, the Dothraki worship her as their new leader. Again, safe to assume that we will be seeing her in Westeros pretty soon.

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