About Sydney


I started writing wheIn I was eight years old. Lugging a pink spiral notebook everywhere and wrote the Disney Princess movies in summary‚ imaginary friend stories and just stories in general. When I was in elementary school‚ I had a black notebook where I wrote fanfiction of me and my crush resembling that of a Korean Drama… that went on until my first year in High School (different volumes and different crushes and different spiral notebooks‚ mind you)

I tried to get serious by the time I was in third year up to my last year in High School. I finished my first novel (which sucked and is still up in the internet! Damn it!) within two months and finished the sequel (which also sucked)‚ the last book never got done though. Since then‚ all of my book ideas are shelved and I sort of sucked in writing in prose and got good in writing poetry (college years).

I don’t have a particular style right now. Just winging it. I used to think I had some sort of John Green and Veronica Roth mix in me but then again‚ I was reading them at the time‚ of course‚ I would’ve picked something up.