Month: October 2017

Attempting to get in touch with my long lost “artistry”

I have been in a creative bust since the start of my teaching career. I haven’t been able to write or draw (let alone read a book). Although, to be honest, I haven’t quite been in the “feeling” mode as well. I often “feel” like I’m on neutral rather than the overwhelming catastrophe of emotions I used to be.

Sooo, I decided to try to get in touch with my evidently missing artistic soul. And this is the result.

I’m not completely disappointed but also not completely elated. I got tired while doing the hair, hence, the angry unblended lines. I’ve recently been binge-watching Pretty Little Liars and I really love Troian Bellisario’s character, Spencer Hastings…

Well, this attempt has certainly sparked an interest to re-pursue my old hobbies. So, there’s that.


Found this on my facebook wall. Wrote it a year ago.