Dark and Light

For most, loving in the dark is scarier than loving in the light
but I beg to disagree
it is much scarier to love in the light with all those pretty smiles,
and artificiality it is easy to get lost in a pair of eyes
and words of persuasion through a glamoured view from a masterful performer;
while in the dark, you see nothing rather you feel the earth beneath you,
the rumbling of laughter from the person who found you despite the desaturation
of everything
you see, but you don’t
you see with your insides; the lungs, the gut, the heart –
and unpracticed you both crawl and fumble and tumble
just enjoying the company

​There’s a certain finality to a feeling or a fact when you arrange them into words in your head or utter them with your lips… that make them harder to take back and harder to suppress. 

It’s when the reality of things seem like a distant galaxy and now a meteor shower has come unnotified. Flustered, you duck for cover but still in view of a nocked arrow.