Month: April 2017

When you want to grow up but everyone else has a problem with it. 


 What world did I return to?

Just Excuses

“If it weren’t for the bravery induced by liquor,” she takes another swig “would have I had the courage to tell you how I feel?” amusement bounces in her eyes. 

“Honestly? You wouldn’t be able to tell me anything without drinking. You’re too caught up in your world. Careful with everything. Even drunk, you never miss a beat. And, all these?” I gesture to the empty bottles and unopened ones. “Are just excuses.”

Just complaining

I hate when I have so much time on my hands. I really thought we were going to spend most days together but with your workplace creating a new timezone for you, I’m left with no choice but to rot in boredom. What’s worse, home isn’t really a conducive place to write, I have no workspace to convey art and I just remembered I don’t hang with my old friends because well, they’re crustaceans with crustacean brains.