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The Return

I feel so out of place‚ so out of sync in this city I grew up in.
The people I knew‚ mere faces I recognize but don’t know
only after-tastes of something delicious of which the original flavor has been lost in the belly of my person

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There was always this pull towards you
like when the ocean rises on a moon full.
A sensation that tingles every time you were in my radar;
the subtle warning that I could plummet at any moment –
if only I hadn’t resisted so long

But then I caved.,

And in letting gravity sweep me off my feet,
taking a trip to the galaxy and round-a-bout the stars
I landed on your open heart-step
with a ticket that says “Admit one,”

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He has this look that says he wants to give you the world and
everything in it
to place it on the palm of your hand‚

And he tries to accomplish this everyday
with little trinkets he either bought or made;
hoping to win your approval

But‚ I tell you‚ it’s not the gifts you should be happy about –
though there’ll be a lot

It’s that look that is priceless

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liquor bottle caps or napkins from a cafe‚
movie tickets and broken sunglasses‚

they all sit comfortably in my tin box;
rattling from time to time
sifted through when I miss you
or opened when I have stolen a new trinket

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Telephone Gap

Something’s missing…

Well, we’ve said it all

The goodbyes,
The goodnights,
And even the shy Imissyous,

a telephone

g                a             p

at the other


A silent expectation
A pause.

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We’ve barricaded these feelings –
considered them an impossibility; incomprehensible; a dream

yet as our hands waltzed and our eyes kissed

We melted, melded and forgot every worry there was

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There are poems to be found in
used journals and scribbles at the back of
your school notes
In the old files hidden somewhere in your
hard drive or on the expanse of blue above while you
graze on the uncut green

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My Escapist

It wasn’t that he was a coward
No. He was much braver than the lion
and much smarter than the owl

hahahaIt was just the fleeting moment of fight or flight that got his bones wringing
the escapist in him singing
that he threw himself so high; out of sight, out of reach, free –

and he’s been there since