Month: February 2017


Stay there little star‚16500feetmilkywaykc2_brunier
Oh‚ stay there. Wherever you are –
Do not come falling for the man
who says he’ll fish the moon

for you; his lips will form constellations dangerously‚
and on his fingertips will you hang precariously
like Saturn’s rings of unhinged promises‚
meteors collide; rearranging sweet stars like you.

Stay there‚ stay there‚ little star
dream of milky ways and space bars
Twinkling innocently in forever darkness;
The sun lives for your existence.


It felt like dancing in a high school gym with a past lover yet it also felt like lying in bed, in the morning, with the one who has your heart now.

Cigarettes After Sex is Cigarettes After Sex.

It’s that craving at the back of your mouth that needs to be satisfied with whatever it is that you’re addicted to after doing extraneous activities. It transports you into another realm where time doesn’t exist.

I love just love it.

Ending Ties

“It’s over…” she said carefully “isn’t it.”
As they sat a foot apart, on the edge of the old stone bridge on where they spent their lazy Sunday afternoons, she felt the air of their relationship stifle a bit – something that usually happened before a big fight, which didn’t happen often… but then again, nothing has ever stifled their air this thick before.
“I guess so,” he replied.
Rapt silence falls on the ex-lovers‚ the realization that this would be the last time of something is heavy on their lips‚ limbs and hearts. She turned her gaze towards the river‚ crackling water breaks where rocks begin while he turned to look at her‚ memorizing…the honest beauty of her.
“You know I’ll always love you‚” he blurted‚ as if this would help. As if these words could mend her heart‚ as if by uttering these words he would be absolved from any guilt. But then again‚ he was oblivious to another reason why they were ending ties.
“I cheated on you‚” she replied‚ as if this would make it less painful‚ as if this would make them even‚ as if this would make them feel goddamn something for each other again.
He bit down hard and then swallowed. “Good to know‚”
“I’m sorry‚” he added.
“I’m sorry too‚” she looked at him now and their eyes caught each other‚ still saving each other‚ even now.
Especially now.
The truth was out. He fell out‚ she cheated. Yet there was no anger‚ no shouts‚ no blame-games just… the ruin of their relationship and reluctant acceptance.
And‚ as the wind blew past them‚ trying to shake away the aura emitted from two secretly broken people‚ even the bridge where they spent most of their happy moments‚ felt lost‚ and tried to apologize and tried to forget.







His First Kiss

He caught her eyes of drowned
want; the intense craving to be seen‚
touched‚ held


splattered ink on her face it was–
a great big mess she was

and so so so violently beautiful

that his heart knotted and melted in the fall of autumn

chest thudding;
ragged breathing;

he saw her –
wanting to touch
wanting to hold

loving her already; gluing her splintered heart with his first kiss