Month: December 2016

Happiness is

lying next to you when the lights have all been put out and there

is only silence in the streets and in the bedroom,
Just wrapped around

in a cocoon of love – blankets and limbs and

pillows and


beating like

they’ve known each other’s rhythm from the first thump

With your eyes fluttered shut, and your mouth

hanging open in occasions

the night wearing thin;

the day creeps up on the window, begging to be seen
a feather on your neck

a whisper in your ear —

Choosing Sides

‚ÄčIf it was down to choosing sides,

I know it wouldn’t be me 

as it has always been me that was discarded

in the middle of a bridge or the highway
But I hoped and wished and prayed – despite not believing in those kind of fairytales – 

that it would 

that maybe this time

I wouldn’t be the loser to be picked last