precious things #2

I was lying on my belly, playing with my baby brother, when my younger brother (who is heavy af) intentionally fell on me. I was screaming dramatically for him to get off of me, at the same time I really couldn’t breathe. Baby bro was sitting in front of me and he had his face scrunched up, lips pouting, and glassy eyes as he stared at me. He then shifted his gaze to my younger brother, he looked adorable when he’s angry, and shouted at him in unintelligible baby noises. When my younger brother finally got the message, he got off me and there was a pause between me and the baby. We just looked at each other with his little face distorted by pity and care before he threw his tiny arms around me and hugged me for a second or two.
Well, that moment didn’t last ’cause after another five seconds the baby slapped my face and laughed.


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