On Writing a Novel

It’s been years since I wrote an actual novel [the first two – that I finished, there are others that have been deleted or preserved – were busts, so don’t search them on the internet because it’s still there and I’m petrified because I can’t take them down. Seriously, I WAS FREAKING 15! Give me a break!] 

So, I’ve had this thought but it seems kind of…sensitive. It’s about a person’s sexuality or lover preference which I’ve set, surprisingly, in the university I’m currently studying in. [I don’t like setting stories in places I’m currently at] And, I don’t know how to attack this properly, it seems like a great prompt but I’m unsure how it’s going to play out. Hopefully, I actually get the time to write a sort oPilot for testing but so far, from the friends I’ve already shared the sort of summary with, they’d like to read it. *fingers crossed* Don’t let this be another bust or dead end. It’s been way too long and I need a long term commitment on a story – like before.



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