Month: March 2016


Eyes wide open
And my world turns to slush
A sickening feeling blossoms down my gut
Digging holes for when gastric acids spill and penetrate my bloodstream
My ears ring as your mouth betrays my
Heart; pulse quickens and then stops while
a streak of nostalgia enters the fray
I curl up fetal-ly on the icy ground
Footsteps…a slamming door…
What time is it? What day is it?
Where have you gone?

The Siren Queen


Sniffing the Heart

“How do you know you’re falling out of love?”

“I don’t know. Maybe, it’s when you stop noticing the little things… like the smell of her natural cologne. She won’t smell as nice as she did when you were crazy about her.”



 A prologue from a STILL pending novel of mine…seemed like a vague short story. *shrugs*

(Last modified: July 22, 2013) Yikes.


         I finally broke away from my binds and the song outside is killing me as it reverberates my insides. Dashing through the house’s halls, to the living room and out the front door, I have never felt so free.

Air, sweet sea air. The orchestras of angelic voices summon me. I walk in a trance-like pattern through the neighborhood, away from the street lamps, away from civilization. There is nothing but me and the song. The beach gets closer and I can smell the salt, it takes almost everything in me not to bolt straight into the water.

         The song speaks, telling me a story. My hunger grumbles for their stories, it’s driving me mad.

         A glimmer of gold shoots up from the water but it quickly disappears. They’re here for me. I dip my feet into the ice cold sea and wade there. The water stings me, sending rushes of adrenaline that course through my body. I take in a deep breath and sing my tale to them.

         Cool breaths, sweet hisses.
Black Water,
New moon.

         I push myself forward until the water is above my waist. I keep singing, they accompany me with second voices accentuating my melody.

         It was like a concerto and I was the lead instrument. Splashes of black surround me as they sing to me, as they sing with me.

         “Sister,” one hisses and then I see it.


         I can’t feel my toes anymore and my legs are giving out on me.
        This is what I want, a voice in my head says for me. Before I could even counter the thought…

         They dragged me down.

On Writing a Novel

It’s been years since I wrote an actual novel [the first two – that I finished, there are others that have been deleted or preserved – were busts, so don’t search them on the internet because it’s still there and I’m petrified because I can’t take them down. Seriously, I WAS FREAKING 15! Give me a break!] 

So, I’ve had this thought but it seems kind of…sensitive. It’s about a person’s sexuality or lover preference which I’ve set, surprisingly, in the university I’m currently studying in. [I don’t like setting stories in places I’m currently at] And, I don’t know how to attack this properly, it seems like a great prompt but I’m unsure how it’s going to play out. Hopefully, I actually get the time to write a sort oPilot for testing but so far, from the friends I’ve already shared the sort of summary with, they’d like to read it. *fingers crossed* Don’t let this be another bust or dead end. It’s been way too long and I need a long term commitment on a story – like before.